Origin Rug | Hush | Ice Blue

Origin Rug | Hush | Ice Blue



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Product Description

Beautiful super soft rugs hand woven in a mix of 60% wool and 40% viscose, giving the hard wearing quality of wool with the sheen and light catching nature of viscose. The subtle colours add a calming effect to your room, luxurious and contemporary.

Bespoke sizes available.

A new rug collection from Phoenox Textiles – a privately owned family business established in 1954 and based in Yorkshire. They are also one of the UK’s leading and most forward thinking manufacturers and importers of flooring textiles.

Their ranges offer unique modern and traditional designs in a variety of sizes, colours and textures all using the finest materials available to help bring new life into your homes. 

Rug care & maintenance

Looking after your rug: It is completely normal for your new rugs to shed fluff at first, this is caused by excess fibres that attach during the spinning process. Once the rug has been vacuumed a few time this will lessen and eventually stop. Regular vacuuming will help to keep your rug looking new for longer and prevent dirt that is on the surface of the rug getting embedded and making it much harder to clean. We would recommend the use of a suction vacuum cleaner to ensure that the pile of the rug isn’t damaged. It is always useful to rotate your rug on a regular basis to even out the wear of the rug or fade if it is in natural sunlight.

Spills & Stains: To prevent permanent stains on your rug any spills must be dealt with as soon as they happen. The best way to treat them is as follows: 1. Blot up excess with a clean white cloth or paper towel. NB. Never rub as this can spread the spill 2. Working from the outer edge of the stain to the centre, apply appropriate carpet cleaner with a clean cloth 3. Pat with a paper towel and leave to dry 4. Vacuum the rug 5. If stain is still visible repeat the process until the stain is completely removed If trying to remove the stain yourself doesn’t work contact a professional carpet/rug cleaning company.

Handmade rugs

ABRASH: Because our rugs are made by hand they may have inconsistencies known as ‘Abrash’ which means natural and variable change in colour and yarn that occurs in hand made rugs. It gives the rugs life and character and ensures you have a unique rug.

LOOSE THREADS: Again because our rugs are hand made you may occasionally find a loose or longer thread, simply trim it down with sharp scissors or gently pull it out if it is very loose. Each knot is separate in hand made rugs so the rug will not unravel and there are so many surrounding tufts that they will just fill the space.

FADING: We always use the best dyes in our rugs with the most resistance to fading, but there are no textile dyes that are impervious to sunlight so if you leave your rug in a sun lit area fading will occur over time. Turning your rug regularly will ensure that any fading is even.

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  • FAQ

    Who are Heugah Interiors?

    We're a family business in the Cotswolds. We will personally manage your order progress and handle any queries or problems. There's no chatbots or offshore call centres! Our goal is to give you the level of service that we would expect ourselves.

    I'm not sure of the colour?

    For our most popular ranges we have samples that can be ordered for a £15 deposit, refundable on return. See the section on samples for more info.

    I've ordered the wrong size - can I exchange?

    Yes, we can arrange to collect the first item when the second is delivered and there is no charge for the return if the rug is under 280cm wide. See Returns below for more information.

    Will returning a rug be expensive?

    Normally yes, but for most rugs we can help by arranging a collection using our courier account. The cost depends on the rug width and starts at £20. See Returns below for more information.

    When will my order be delivered?

    Every size of every rug should have the expected delivery time displayed. Contact us for more info if not.

    Do you price match?

    Yes we do! If you've found the item cheaper with another retailer we should be able to match this price – and even better it by £5! Simply call us with the details of the website with the product or send us a link to the page. There's more details on our Price Match page below.

    The delivery time is more than 2 months away - do I have to pay in full now?

    No, we can take a deposit payment now and the balance when the rug is ready for despatch. This will guarantee any promotion price and also stock availability from the next delivery.

    Do you deliver outside of the UK?

    Yes, we deliver worldwide! Shipping prices change regularly - contact us for an exact quote and indication of customs duties.

    Our web prices include UK VAT at 20% which is not applicable for non UK deliveries.  Contact us for more info on refunding or removing VAT.

    How do I care for my item?

    We've prepared a care guide on what to expect when the rug arrives, and with information and tips to keep it looking great for as long as possible. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

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    You have not viewed any product yet.