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Tips to get your house ready for spring sunshine

Published by Tara Punter | March 27th, 2023

Here in the Cotswolds, we’ve had a particularly cold, wet and windy winter. We’ve had
snow several times, freezing cold nights and spring feels very late this year. When the
weather is so cold outside and the evenings are so dark, we tend to hibernate at home,
with blankets and throws, fires, candles and good TV to see us through until warmer
weather. Thankfully, warmer weather is finally on the horizon and six months of longer
days and plenty of balmy evenings and BBQs lay ahead. The imminent arrival of spring
means it's the perfect time to prepare your house for the new season, from spring
cleaning and decluttering indoors to sorting out the garden. Here are our top tips to help
you get started and make sure you’re ready to enjoy some sunshine!

Spring cleaning indoors
After a long, dark winter being cosy at home, your house could be in need of a thorough
spring clean to get it looking its best. That means going a little further than the usual
hoover, mop, tidy and dust that most homes get on a weekly basis. We recommend
taking the time to wipe down skirting boards and walls, move furniture around to clean
underneath it and even (if you can) washing your curtains and rugs to freshen them up.
We have plenty of machine-washable rugs here at Heugah, including the beautiful
Lorena Canals Woolable collection, which you can browse by clicking here! They are
perfect for busy spaces and children’s rooms where drinks and food get spilt on a
relatively regular basis…

Lorena Canals Rug Woolable | Into the Blue


Decluttering shared rooms
If winter in your home means evenings spent reading books and magazines, practicing
hobbies and crafts or lounging in front of the TV doing puzzles, you might feel
overwhelmed by clutter by the time spring arrives. Before the family high-tail it into the
garden and you feel like just shoving it all into a cupboard until the next rainy day, why
not go through it all together? Anything that is finished with can be donated to charity,
sold or recycled and the items you would like to use can be packed away somewhere
easy to access when you next want them. We adore scouring Instagram and Pinterest
for home storage solutions, and you’ll often find us sharing our favourites on our social
media feeds. We particularly love adding in some hints of spring with pastel candles and
home accessories and the bright colours of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.


Orla Kiely Rug | Indoor Outdoor | Linear Stem Jade 460507


Preparing outdoor spaces

Is there anything better than a warm summer evening spent outdoors with good friends
and excellent food? Creating a sociable outdoor living space can take a couple of
months, especially if you want to grow pretty flowers in tubs, pots and flower beds as
part of the backdrop! A visit to the garden centre for plug plants, seeds and compost will
kick things off, and it’s a good time to snap up any paint, timber stain or other supplies
you might need. It’s also worth checking your BBQ over, giving it a clean if needed and
ensuring you have gas or charcoal ready for the first warm evening that you might fancy
cooking alfresco.



You can make an outdoor seating or dining area look even more welcoming with the
addition of an indoor/outdoor rug (we have an enormous selection here) as well as
cushions and throws designed to withstand life in the garden. These products are
mould, mildew and UV resistant and there are so many different colours and designs to
choose from, so the only limit is your imagination.

Hopefully these tips will help you get your home ready for spring, just in time for the
arrival of warm weather and light evenings. A clean and tidy house helps us feel so
much more positive and energised, and sociable time with friends and family in a
beautiful garden can be the tonic to whatever life throws at us.

Happy springtime!