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Summer holiday survival – flooring your home with life-proof mats and rugs

Published by Tara Punter | August 17th, 2023

Summer holiday survival – flooring your home with life-proof mats and rugs

We’re around halfway through the summer holidays, whether you’re juggling work while
the kids enjoy their break or embracing the role of full-time parent, one thing’s for
certain: your home is bearing the brunt of it all. While it’s lovely to hear children enjoying
time with their friends or bonding with them over crafting or baking, you could find your
floors start to look a little tired before long. Those impromptu playdates, gaming
marathons, summer sports clubs with heaps of muddy kit and camping trips with all the
bells and whistles mean the house can quickly turn into something you’d rather not find
when you open your front door…
Luckily, we’re here to introduce you to a world of solutions – life-proof flooring that’s
ready to take on the challenge. From dirt trapper mats that heroically guard your
interiors from the great outdoors to vinyl runners that endure all manners of foot traffic,
and not forgetting the tough rugs that effortlessly withstand the trials of summer, our
blog will show you the way to a house that's a fun family hub and a serene haven for all
to unwind in. So, let’s dive in!

New! Tough, stylish rugs from Brita Sweden


First up, we’re thrilled to unveil a new addition to the Heugah Interiors website – a
collection of remarkable tough rugs crafted by Brita Sweden. Brita Sweden, a family-run
company with a passion for creating high-quality interior designs, has harnessed the
essence of Swedish craftsmanship and woven it into each piece, creating rugs that are
resilient and beautiful at the same time. Crafted from a soft vinyl ribbon that’s free from
phthalates and friendly to allergy-prone individuals, these rugs are a testament to
comfort and practicality – and you can stick them in the washing machine too. Their
reversible and non-slip features ensure a secure fit in any space, whether you pop them
in a busy kitchen, the hallway, the kids’ rooms, or even the moisture-prone bathroom.
And for those who love to extend their living area to the great outdoors in summer,
these versatile rugs are the perfect companion for outdoor relaxation too!

A British inevitability – summer rain


With some areas of the British Isles having their wettest July on record this year, the
summer hasn’t been one to write home about. We’ve enjoyed a little more sunshine in
the past week or so, but if your kids like to spend their time outdoors, playing sports or
exploring the parks and countryside, your floors could well be looking slightly grubby! A

mat that’s designed to trap water, dust and mud and stop it being tracked will help ease
the cleaning burden, and we have plenty to choose from. Hug Rug Design mats are
made from a highly absorbent cotton pile, and you can throw them in the washing
machine when they need a freshen up. Explore the full Hug Rug range here and see
which one catches your eye…

The pitter-patter of tiny (or not so tiny) feet


Hands up if you’ve ever been trying to relax at home and the sounds of kids or
teenagers going from room to room sounds more like a herd of elephants than
undersized human beings? Hallways and doorways can take a lot of traffic in the
holidays and that risks damage to your carefully chosen herringbone parquet floor or the
lovely soft wool carpet upstairs. Our Vinyl Mats are designed to protect floors and inject
some stylish colour and pattern into your home too. They are crafted from high-quality
PVC polyester which means they are stain-resistant, easy to clean, anti-slip,
hypoallergenic and pet-friendly. They’re also durable and can help protect your flooring
from scratches and wear and tear. See which one you would choose here