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Green with envy – a key interior trend for 2022

Published by Tara Punter | January 30th, 2022

We’re nearly a whole month into 2022 and you might just about have recovered from
the festive madness and feel like taking on new projects again! If transforming a room
(or rooms) in your home is on the agenda, then you’re probably researching the latest
interiors trends and finding out which will suit your style and personal taste. In this blog
we’re taking a closer look at a trend which first emerged in 2020 and refuses to go away
– using the colour green on walls, floors, sofas, curtains and so much more! Pinterest
searches for green interiors were up a massive 80% last year as people looked for ways
to incorporate green into their homes and ensure the result is perfect for the room and
its purpose.


Why is green so on-trend in 2022?

As with many trends, home and garden journalists are divided about what’s driving the
love of all things emerald, chartreuse, sage, olive, avocado and fern… Some indicate
that it’s part of our ongoing social reaction to the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, when
many people were starved of contact with nature. A natural reaction was to bring the
colours and textures of the natural world indoors, with green the most popular choice by

Others claim that the lockdowns gave people the chance to forge a greater connection
with nature than ever before, leading to a newfound connection with the colour boosting
its popularity. It’s certainly true that many people used the time they would normally
have spent on a train or in a car community to walk with their family or nurture plants in
their garden.

Finally, some say it’s linked with the pressing issue of climate change and our impact on
the planet. Could we be leaning into green because we’re aware our natural
environment is suffering, and we need to change our behaviour?

Green interiors can be so versatile

If you’re keen to throw the doors open (metaphorically!) and welcome green tones into
your home, but you’re not sure how to start here are some tips to get you started.
Firstly, it’s important to remember that green is very versatile – it can be neutral or
dramatic, depending on your individual style or the room you’re decorating. For
example, you might want a really ‘wow’ dining room and so experiment with dark
emerald-green panelling or a living room with a rich teal feature wall. Perhaps you fancy
introducing a pop of green into a classic English country kitchen and decide to try on-
trend olive for cupboards and soft furnishings.

How to add green to your home

If you’re dipping your toe into a new interior trend for the first time then an excellent
place to start is with accessories and soft furnishings, such as rugs, curtains, throws,
vases and candles. Here at Heugah Interiors we stock a wide range of rugs popular
designer and have throws and cushions too, allowing you to experiment with calming
green, vibrant green and green with a multitude of patterns and other colours. We adore
the different shades of green in this Elliptic Emerald Rug from Harlequin and a classic
William Morris Snakeshead pattern on this fabulous design. If you’re keen to combine
your new trend with sustainable home accessories why not take a closer look at Liv
Rug’s Recycled Cotton design in Herringbone Moss, or Hug Rug’s Woven Trellis in

Don’t forget that there’s also another easy way to add in some of this year’s biggest
colour trend – with plants and flowers themselves! Adding a cheerful houseplant to the
windowsills in your kitchen or a living room shelf not only brightens the house up and
adds some green colour, but it can also help clean and oxygenate the air. A new rug
and a couple of new houseplants could be just the freshen up your home needs for