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Anti Slip Underlay

Anti Slip Underlay

New Year Sale! 20% off with promotion code NY2220.

A discreet non-slip underlay providing a simple answer to the irritation of creeping rugs.

This will help hold mats and rugs in place without glue and without damaging the rug or carpet.

Provides anti-slip safety, helping to reduce the possibility of tripping or slipping on wrinkled mats.

Easily cut to size or shape with a pair of scissors.

Makes vacuuming easier by keeping the rug in place.

The anti-slip fabric should be slightly smaller than your mat to prevent the underlay from showing. We recommend the underlay is cut to 5cm smaller than the rug above it.

"Very impressed with this product. The rug has not moved an inch since we laid it. We have tried other products but this is definitely the one to have to stop your rug wandering across your carpet. Great value for money. Thank you"

"This underlay is excellent. I would buy again and also recommend to others"

"This is absolutely outstanding it really does work! well worth the money my mat is on carpet by the front door and when people come in and wipe their feet it does not move an inch and even stays in place when the dyson Hoover is going over it I really highly recommend this product."